About Us

We are one of the leading casinos that provide lots of fun to our customers. Thanks to our customers and their positive feedback we have been in business for more than a couple of decades.

Our goal is to be the best casino in the country and to be the one stop place for anyone wanting to have fun.

We try to achieve the goal by providing following services

Bonus: We provide joining bonus to people who register with us and make their first deposit. We also provide free first drinks for our regular and loyal customers.

Excellent Stay: we ensure that our customers not only enjoy the games on the casino floor but also enjoy the whole stay; we also have a transportation department that takes care of all the travel needs of our customers. We understand that when people come as a family they would like to go out and enjoy the trip as a vacation as well.

Services: We provide excellent services on the floor; we ensure that all orders are taken care by the waitress on time and with impeccable quality that is ensured by the restaurant. We also have a fleet of casino floor managers who can help you with the exchange of chips. We also have special attention centers for senior citizens and have a wheelchair and other special facilities. We also have round the clock doctors to handle any emergency situations.

Security: One can be ensured that our casino floor and out entire area is safe and secure. We have many ex-army men who have good experience in handling emergency situations.

Latest Games: Last but not the least, the games which are the fulcrum to our casino are made the best and are upgraded frequently and made fun so that every time you visit there will be something new.

Come to our facility to enjoy world class fun and relax from all tensions and even make money along the way. We eagerly await your visit.